The Green Register Special: Today’s Featured Butterfly – Common Buckeye

Common Buckeye copy_optToday is our fourth installment of photographs and excerpts from the book Butterflies of Alabama from our good friends, photographer Sara Bright and nature writer Paulette Haygood Ogard. The featured butterfly today is the Common Buckeye.

An excerpt from Butterflies of Alabama describing the Common Buckeye:

“Beautiful and stunningly marked, a rainbow of colors ornaments a warm-brown background.  Nothing else looks quite like them. Yet, despite their familiarity, Common Buckeyes are so highly variable in appearance that no two look exactly alike. Seasonal variations account for many of the differences. Wing colors are brightest late in the year, and fall generations sport rosy-red hindwings. Spring and summer forms are plainer and more uniformly tan. All buckeyes sport large, showy eyespots that dot opened wings, perhaps making them look like goggle-eyed monsters to potential predators.”

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