The Green Register Special: Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar

Today is The Green Register’s 6th installment of photographs and excerpts from the Butterflies of Alabama from our good friends, photographer Sara Bright and nature writer Paulette Haygood Ogard. The featured butterfly today is the Gulf Fritillary.

An excerpt from Butterflies of Alabama describing the Gulf Fritillary.
“Phillip Henry Gosse called it “the most splendid butterfly I had ever seen.”
Almost two hundred years later, the Gulf Fritillary’s beauty still delights observers.  Its brilliant upper surface is deep velety orange, veined in black, and dotted with three pearly-white spots.
But as Gosse  concluded, “it is in the under surface that the superlative glory of this most lovely insect is seen.” There, tawny ventral wings display shades of yellow and even vermillion, and large silver teardrops sparkle and flash in the sunlight.”

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