The Green Minute: Take the 2013 Energy Pledge a little over 11 months left till 2014, you can still resolve to make 2013 an eco-friendly year.

Last week, the Department of Energy (DOE), as part of the National Day of Service (Jan.19th) and 57th Inauguration celebration asked people to make a 2013 Energy Pledge.

As a regular Green Register reader, you know there is no shortage of resolutions people can make to save energy and subsequently money. Just check out The Green Minute category on our website for ideas. A couple of The Green Register’s favorites? Purchasing Energy Star products, lowering your thermostat, and removing all those “energy vampires” from your home and office.

To participate, DOE is asking folks to send in their energy pledge via twitter using #energypledge or email You can also download an energy pledge card.

Learn more about the energy pledge.

Check out the DOE’s video promoting the Energy Pledge:

by Pat Byington, The Green Register

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