The Green Minute: Renters Can Save Energy Too

For this week’s Green Minute, The Green Register will be running a series of brief videos by the Alliance to Save Energy tackling unique everyday energy efficient topics. Today’s Green Minute – Living Efficiently: Renters.

Even though renters do not pay a mortgage, most are responsible for a monthly power bill. Whether you rent or own, you can easily lower your power bill by implementing the following simple eco-friendly tips.

Install a programmable thermostat. A $25 programmable thermostat can save up to $100 a year on power bill.

Replace outdated lights. Replacing incandescent lights in your apartment with energy efficient ones can save up to 85% on lighting.

Use a power strip.  Everyone is using electronics from TVs, DVRs and computers. But why power them 24/7? A power strip can help you “turn-off” everything at once and not uselessly waste energy.

Use pots and pans that fit. Using pots and pans that are too big for your burner wastes energy, and can make it more difficult to cook meals properly.

Just because you are renting a home or an apartment does not mean you have to endure high energy bills and waste energy. Take control of the place you live, and live efficiently.

by Pat Byington, The Green Register

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