The Green Minute: NPR’s Car Talk Gives Some Green Advice today’s Green Minute, a couple of green suggestions from National Public Radio’s Car Talk -Tom and Ray or for loyal listeners, “Click and Clack,” the Tappet Brothers.

As a regular listener of Car Talk, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Tom and Ray feature on their website a discussion about Global Warming. As always, they were lighthearted but serious about such an important topic.

Below are two suggestions they provided their followers on the topic (from their webpage):

Thing #1: Nothing is better than driving less. And when you do have to drive, why not use a vehicle that meets your needs… without 300 horsepower and four tons of steel left over?

Thing #2: We like the idea of (carbon) offsetting. But, that doesn’t always mean it will necessarily happen just as you expect, or that it will be quite as effective as hoped. All of which makes Thing #1 even more important.

On the topic of offsets, the Car Talk folks provide a good list of resources about how to figure your  carbon footprint and offset its carbon pollution.

by Pat Byington, The Green Register

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