Steve Richerson: Electricfil – Profile in Sustainability

I heard about Electricfil while attending an E-3 conference in Prattville, Alabama. The conference was sponsored by ATN – The Alabama Technology Network and it focused on industries and businesses that are reducing their impact on the planet and increasing efficiencies for themselves.

As you can imagine, it was a fun time for me. I was lucky enough to meet Lynn Lane at the conference. She spear-heads many of Electrifil-Elkmont’s eco-efforts. Check out this PROFILE IN SUSTAINABILITY to see some of the things they are doing. Enjoy.

The Green Register contributor Steve Richerson visits Electricfil, a global company that manufactures electrical components for automobiles in Elkmont, Alabama.

by Steve Richerson

Steve Richerson_HEADSHOTveryveryCLOSE_optSteve is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant. He utilizes his distinct presentation style to speak on the importance of sustainability and showcase ways to enact eco-friendly practices in business. As a member of the USGBC – U.S. Green Building Council, the National Recycling Coalition and the North American Environmental Education Association, Steve is spearheading the campaign to increase profits by reducing wasteful corporate procedures and promote environmentally sound business methods. He’s currently writing an easy to understand eco-sustainability business book called, “What The Hell Is Sustainability.” To learn more about Steve’s speaking, please visit or call 256-710-7216 or email

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