Report: Alabama Turned “Green” in 2012

A new report by the nonprofit Green Resource Center for Alabama (GRCA ), outlines some of the most important environmental developments in 2012 on the path toward making Alabama a “greener” state.

The 5th annual GRCA Green Progress Report recaps some of the most significant events in 2012 related to improving Alabama’s environment, reducing energy use and waste, and protecting the state’s natural resources.

“The 2012 Green Progress Report highlights nearly 100 environmentally pro-active and beneficial projects and activities and for the first time features a “Top 12 for 2012 Green List,” said Susan Barron, GRCA board president.

“This year, Alabama made significant environmental progress with passage of the Forever Wild Constitutional Amendment and the RESTORE Act,” added Barron.

“While many environmental challenges remain, it is very encouraging to see these once-in-a-generation environmental achievements, along with an incredible number of green activities and success stories, occurring in all corners of the state.”

The Forever Wild Land Trust Program, which garnered the most votes of any candidate or ballot measure during the November 2012 general election, is widely considered one of the most successful conservation programs in Alabama history. The RESTORE Act, which received bi-partisan support in Congress, will redirect future fines to be paid by the parties responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, to restore the ecosystem, communities and economy in the Gulf.

Other accomplishments making the Green Progress Report’s Top 12 for 2012 Green List include:

  • 25th Annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup Sets Records
  • Alabama’s First Green Ribbon Schools in Munford and Talladega
  • Tuskegee and Alabama State EPA Partnership Agreements
  • Fort Rucker’s Net Zero Energy Facility
  • Three Additional Birding Trails Dedicated in Alabama
  • LEED “Green Buildings” 2012 List
  • 2000 Trees to be Planted in Downtown Montgomery
  • Alabama Scenic River Trail Named National Water Trail
  • Alabama Power to power up to 115,000 homes with Wind Power
  • Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System unveiled in Jefferson County

“2012 will be remembered as a particularly green year in Alabama,” stated Pat Byington, publisher of the Bama Environmental News and editor of the 2012 Green Progress Report. “We not only passed landmark laws, Forever Wild and the RESTORE Act, but Alabamians from across the state built greener buildings, planted trees, and created trails and paths. We definitely became a greener state in 2012,” Byington concluded.

The GRCA helps people make sense of our growing “green” options by:

serving as a clearinghouse for people and businesses looking for information about energy efficiency; offering programs and events that bring together people interested in sustainable living, development and design; and presenting ideas to community leaders and policymakers who help protect and conserve Alabama’s natural resources

To view the report, go to Links to the report can also be found online at Bama Environmental News.

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