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Doug Moore spent the first ½ of his career building one for the largest publishing companies in America.  He founded Vulcan Publishing in 1987, and when it was sold in in 2005, revenues from their 60 media properties topped $50 million in sales and had more than 400 employees.  A father of six, landowner and avid outdoorsmen, his attention shifted to environmental issue out of concern for rampant pollution and waste generated by our consumer society.  He sought the answer to questions vexing environmentalists worldwide:

  • How do we meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own?
  • How can we humans synchronize our consumption of natural resources with the earth’s production?

Seeking a solution, he began a journey that would change his life, and foster a positive environmental legacy for generations to come.



Pat Byington, editor of the Green Register, has worked in the environmental community for more than two decades. At the age of twenty-three, Byington became the youngest executive director of a statewide environmental organization in the country when he was hired by the Alabama Conservancy in 1989.  In eight years, he doubled the organization’s membership and their revenues grew nearly tenfold.  In 1998, Byington launched the online newsletter Bama Environmental News (BEN) ( ), as publisher and editor, establishing one of the first environmental news online publications of its kind.  Since 1999, he has worked as an environmental consultant and senior staffer for a wide variety of environmental organizations including the Wilderness Society, Eastern Forest Partnership, American Lung Association and Auburn University’s School of Forestry.  A prominent environmentalist, Byington has served on numerous regional and national non-profit environmental boards and has held public positions as a member of the Alabama Forever Wild Board of Trustees and the Environmental Management Commission.

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  1. Dean Thompson Reply

    July 11, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    tried sending an email with information for your publication to but keep getting the email bounced back. Is there another address this information should be emailed to.

    Dean Thompson
    Resilient Floor Covering Institute

  2. John Carlos Reply

    July 20, 2012 at 12:47 am

    Talked a while back, I think???

    Willing to work with you as an act of kind. Let’s have a follow up discussion regarding mutual synergies and opportunities. The easiest way to reach me is on my direct number 248 388-2828 – John Carlos

    Please take a look at our unique website…
    “Metro Detroit’s Future to a Better Tomorrow”


    Not just a website, but an informational portal of Synergies and Opportunities. We’re starting to get to be known for “Our Left Hand, Knowing What Their Right Hand is Doing”. is identified as an existing Green Database Website – Informational Portal; Educational Portal; Media Source; and a Directory all wrapped in one easy located website. We have created the Big Green Umbrella of information for one of the Largest Industrial Regions of the World!!!

    Our website highlights companies that can provide Green Products and Services (Manufacturing, Industrial; Commercial; and Residential) ensuring our region’s global competitiveness; Renewable Energies; Sustainability; industry standards of Reduction of Consumption, and the Health Side of Greening. has chosen to reflect this by representing the “whole entire” Detroit Metro geographic region.

    Currently we are embedded in several areas of Government websites. We are proud to work as an outreach for Local Government; County Government; State Government; Federal Government; Associations, and Non-profits. We provide the community with Press Releases and information about Grants and Tax Incentives. Our Special Reports (White Papers) consist of how our Government is assisting industries and manufacturing, creating jobs and incomes. Additional areas of interest that are highlighted are combined Regional Green News (from Media Partners sharing green contents); Local Stories not heard in other Medias (in house created); Schools/Universities/State Certified Training Centers; lifestyles; and special Green Events that take place throughout our communities. Take a look and see whose green in Metro Detroit.

    Currently we are embedded in several areas of Government sites.

    One Example: Illustrations of our Industrial/Manufacture and our Commercial Buildings…

    · Industrial; Manufacturing; and Commercial Buildings:

    · Local Government and Facility Related Information:

    · Residents and Green Homes:

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    Letters of recognition and endorsements can be provided upon request or can be viewed from links located on the front page of the website:

    · Jennifer M. Granholm (Former Governor of the State of Michigan)

    · Mr. L. Brooks Patterson (Oakland County Executive)

    · Kenneth V. Cockrel Jr. (Acting Council Member, former acting Mayor of Detroit, and past President of the Detroit City Council)

    · Joshua M. Freeman (Chairperson and Councilman City of Flint). in the News:

    White House

    Council on Environmental Quality, Mayor Bings Office, and Emergency Round Table Meeting May 2012:

    MLive News April 2012:

    Oakland Press April 2012:

    Oakland Press March 2012:

    Corp! Magazine March/April Edition, Page 8:

    2012 AWARD WINNER “101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Company”

    2011 AWARD WINNER Corp! Magazine “Michigan Going Green Award”

    ALL IN OUR FIRST 2 YEAR: is assisting in the movement in bring communities together and eliminating geographic boundaries. Our philosophy is simple… Other global markets that the Detroit Metro region competes with, doesn’t care if we are East Siders of the region, West Siders, or what county we are from, and the fact is that our unique resources are spread throughout the Detroit Metro geographic region. has obtained just under 100 Green companies, over 80 nonprofits, just under 30 institutes and contributors, and just over 30 government divisions/agencies and contributors. serves the community as a Media Sponsor for over 120 to 130 different “green related events” providing Government Forums, Events, and Fairs exposure and foot traffic. has its own Reporters and Photographers – Working with several media sources including Radio, News Papers, Magazines, and On-Line Publications. believes that we have created the very first “Political Green Cartoonist”. Our talented cartoonist creates cartoon strips out of local news and company products or services of industries going green. Working with schools, teachers are now utilizing the cartoon strips, our local news “Green News You Can Use” section , and our general information of knowledge to create curriculum. Furthermore, we provide all schools a FREE internal page. The purpose for their own internal web page is that we want to know what green opportunities the school and students have created or implemented, so that we can share it with other schools. Bragging rights, sure!! However, sharing how they were able to implement it into their school and what impacts it had on their students, their community, and maybe even how it impacted their districts bottom line, is true bragging rights! There’s more if they act now their school will be entered into a drawings to win prizes. Universities, colleges, and State Certified Green Training Centers are using the site for curriculum and involvement, also receive an internal page, but this internal page is used for visual aid that misplaced workers and new students in the search for “green” carriers can utilize. Consumers can bounce from university page to university page comparing offerings of degrees and classes all related to reduction of consumption, sustainability, renewable energies, environmental, and health. Coordinated the donation of a Wind Turbine to local School (Birmingham Covington School) Covington students to learn the science behind one the emerging sectors – alternative energy. “Congratulations to and its founder John Carlos for bringing together nine organizations and dozens of volunteers to build a wind turbine at Birmingham Covington Middle School in Bloomfield Township. After being open for business for less than 3 month”. An estimated value of over 30,000.00 all at no cost to the community. A curriculum was created were students as young as 3rd graders are now learning about the use of wind power. April 2010
    60% of the cost of a wind turbine project is in the installation – SEVERAL CONTRACTORS HAVE APPROACHED US on wanting to be the next to donate their time and labor. donated jointly with Uni-Solar Solar panels for students as young as third graders to experiment, conduct data gathering and just simply play around with the solar energy. May 2010 donated jointly with Maxi Containers to Oakland Schools Compost Units and Rain Barrels. May 2011 donated jointly with Battery Plus to Birmingham Schools batteries for experimenting of energy storage. Oct. 2011 donated jointly with Door To Door Organics several Boxes of Fruit and Vegetables to consumers 2010 and 2011. donated jointly with Easy Green Store donated several Baskets of Green products to consumers 2010 and 2011. donated jointly with Mike Staff Productions in assisting in paying for part of 23 consumer’s groceries in the Christmas spirit. Dec. 2011 donated jointly with Ed Bahoura Save-A-Lot Grocery Store donating and cooking Christmas Dinners to a local charity Heart Detroit. Dec. 2011 jointly participating with its vendors to award local schools The “Green City Award” through the Engineering Society of Detroit’s Future City competition a value of over $1500.000. Jan. 2010, 2011, 2012

    John Carlos

    Executive Director

    (248) 388-2828 :: Direct
    (248) 203-2727 :: Office/Service
    (248) 228-8712 :: Fax

  3. kyle osborne Reply

    February 25, 2013 at 4:26 pm


    I am updating our directory of top blogs.

    Do you ever accept story ideas from outside sources (just ideas, not guest posts)? Or products for review?

    Thanks, would love to include you on our list.


    Kyle Osborne

    Vocus, Inc

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