Notre Dame vs. Alabama – Who’s Number One in Sustainability?

The day of the BCS Championship has arrived. Notre Dame vs. Alabama.

Here at The Green Register, we are crazy about college football. So when the two most storied college football teams in history clash tonight, we will be glued to our televisions, watching the game, cheering on the Tide or the Irish.

In honor of the big game (and to keep your mind off it for at least a few minutes before kickoff), today The Green Register is asking our readers to check out the eco-friendly sustainability efforts conducted by both schools.

Tell The Green Register – Who is number one in sustainability, Notre Dame or Alabama?

Below are the two Sustainability websites for the two campuses. Send us a comment, which one is the best?  And while you are at it, let us know who you think is going to win the game tonight.


Office of Sustainability at the University of Notre Dame

Go Green Sustainability Portal at the University of Alabama

by Pat Byington, The Green Register

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