Last Minute Holiday Shopping? Support Eco-Friendly Gift Giving Online

With a snow blizzard hitting much of the Midwest United States the last weekend before Christmas, how can you buy gifts this Christmas season without getting out in your car and risking your life along with thousands of other holiday shoppers? One easy way to shop is to make gifts to environmental organizations in support of their work.

This year, several of the national environmental organizations have created virtual gift catalogs. These items on the cyberspace store shelf are a great tool for the groups to not only raise money this holiday season but to also educate people about their environmental campaigns this coming year. As you can see below, some groups have even enlisted celebrities to help.

Kyra Sedgwick NRDC Eco Friendly Gift Giving Video:

Here is a list of Virtual Gift Catalogs from prominent environmental organizations:

National Wildlife Federation -

The Nature Conservancy-

Natural Resource Defense Council – NRDC

Trust for Public Land 

Defenders of Wildlife -

Appalachian Mountain Club-

Sierra Club Calendars -

National Audubon Society 

by Pat Byington, Editor of The Green Register

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