Jay Leno Promotes Electric Bus that is 600% More Efficient Than Diesel Buses (video)

Check out this informative video produced by late night comedian Jay Leno, on his program Jay Leno’s Garage, describing an electric bus that has been in use in Los Angeles now for more than a year. Called the Proterra Ecoliner Electric Bus, the bus in Jay Leno’s opinion will “revolutionize public transportation.”

Some of the eco-benefits – The Proterra Ecoliner bus can battery-electric recharge in less than 10 minutes, ready to serve the community with clean electric powered bus service. The 35-foot long buses are made of lightweight composite materials and are powered with state of the art battery technology. As a result, the buses have zero emissions, run virtually silent and are 600 percent more fuel efficient than diesel buses.

Hopefully, these buses can be mass produced soon and seen on a city street near you. With Jay Leno’s endorsement, who is renowned for his knowledge and love of cars and motorcycles, these eco-friendly buses may be closer to reality for those of us who don’t live in LA.

by Pat Byington, Editor of The Green Register

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