Greenovations: TrueGrid, Inc. – TrueGrid Permeable Pavers

When it comes to sustainability in the built environment, there are fewer and fewer reasonable justifications for incorporating impermeable hardscapes into the landscape design of commercial or even residential development.

The primary reasons for this fact are that impermeable hardscapes add to Heat Island Effect (the ambient heat added to an area as a result of absorbing solar heat), and they carry warmer stormwater runoff full of the harmful, residual chemicals and contaminants found on impermeable hardscapes into streams and rivers which add to the detrimental phenomenon known as sedimentation which is very harmful to the overall health of streams and rivers and its biodiversity.

Another reason is that more and more innovative options are being offered as functional, permeable alternatives to the traditional impermeable hardscapes of the past.

One such example of this innovative, permeable alternative is TrueGrid, Inc.’s TrueGrid Permeable Pavers. Composed of 100% recycled plastic (80% post-consumer and 20% pre-consumer), primarily from milk crates in Houston, Texas, TrueGrid Permeable Pavers are designed to withstand compression over 115,000 lbs/ft² as well as the expansion and contraction associated with the impact of changes in temperature from weather on plastic.

The permeable pavers come in 16 x 16 interlocking grid pieces with 16 individual, cylindrical cells per piece that may be used for parking lots, job sites, driveways, and parks by filling the pavers’ cells with such media as gravel or soil and grass.

Lastly, in addition to offering a more sustainable, environmentally preferable alternative, TrueGrid’s Permeable Pavers create a much more pleasing aesthetic than do traditional impermeable hardscapes.

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by Rob Stanfield – The Green Register

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