Greenovations: TerraBuilt Corporation international – The GreenMachine

The GreenMachine is a compressed earth block maker. It makes blocks in a tongue-and-groove format that makes blocks easy to assemble and adds to over all strength.

These bricks have been tested to have a compressive strength 900 to 2,240 psi which exceeds any relevant code requirements.

It is available in two models that attach to trailer hitches, one weighing 1 ton, the other 1.25.

The smaller one runs on gas and creates bricks 4”x8”x10” at 20 lbs. at a rate of 4 bricks a minute.

The larger model runs on diesel and creates 4”x8”x12” at 24 lbs. at a rate of 5 bricks per minute.

These can be created with a dimensional precision of 1/64 inches. The bricks require no curing time and can be used immediately after creation.

If you are interested in this Greenovation check out

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