Greenovations: Green Innovations, Ltd. – Green Roof Water Retention Panels

As most of you already know or may have gathered by this point, I am a big fan and even bigger proponent of incorporating green roofs whenever and wherever possible.

A majority of roofs, however, are unable to support the incorporation of green, vegetative roofs in their current state unless they were recently constructed and designed for such.

So how then can business owners reconcile their desire to incorporate a green, vegetative roof with a roof that was not built to support it?

Companies like Green Innovations, Ltd. are manufacturing products like their Green Roof Water Retention Panels that snap together to provide a reliable base for a growing medium such as vegetative mats, plugs, or hydro-seed on roofs that may not have been specifically designed to do so.

According to GreenSpec, “the design [of the panels] allows air flow under the panels, which is beneficial for plant roots and for the underlying roofing membrane.”

Constructed from 100% recycled plastic, the Green Roof Water Retention Panels are interlocking 24” x 24” panels are available in depths of 1-1/4” or 2-1/8”.  The GR32 model (1-1/4” deep) “has a dry weight of 0.6 lbs/ftô and a weight at full water capacity of 1.93 lbs/ftô,” whereas the GR52 model (2-1/8” deep) “has a dry weight of 0.86 lbs/ftô and a weight at full water capacity of 3.79 lbs/ftô.”

By incorporating a green, vegetative roof on your building you will not only add to the aesthetic value of your building, you will be actively working to decrease energy costs, reducing hazardous stormwater runoff, and reducing heat island effect.

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