Greenovations: Forge, LLC – Toepener

toepenerIt might not be readily apparent as to why we would include the Toepener in our Greenovations.  However, I have had a unique (*read negative), experience with the problem Forge sought to solve in the creation of the Toepener.

While we would like to feel confident that everyone who uses the restroom is thoroughly and completely washing their hands after each use and prior to leaving the restroom, any one of us who has ever used a public restroom knows this not to be the case.

Some people seem to be indifferent to this fact and go about their day unconcerned or unaware of this issue. Yet others seem to be acutely aware of the fact that not every person thoroughly and completely washes their hands after using and prior to leaving the restroom, thus they use a number of strategies to avoid “contaminating” their clean hands on items “infected” by those people, such as the door handles or door knobs on the door exiting the restroom.

In my experience, the most common and widely-used response to this issue is to use extra hand towels or toilet paper (where hand towels are unavailable), to protect one’s hand when gripping the door knob upon leaving the restroom.

Additionally, that toilet paper or hand towel is cast aside onto the floor either just inside or just outside the restroom for the janitorial or custodial staff to collect later. Needless to say, this situation can cause unnecessary operational pollution and waste.

By affixing the Toepener at the bottom of the door below the handle, people are able to open the door and exit the restroom without the use of their hands, which will save on the unnecessary pollution and waste of excess hand towels requiring additional labor from the custodial or janitorial staff.

Recently, I had the opportunity to use the Toepener at a restaurant, and I found it very easy to use and an effective solution.

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