Greenovations: Fanimation – Energy Star Fans

One of the best ways to save energy is to minimize the use of that hungry a/c unit and use natural or artificial breezes to create circulation and heat removal. The venerable fan has been with us for centuries and is still one of the better items to use to save energy.

Fanimation has three Energy Star rated fans that can also help your building earn LEED credits.

These fans are designed with sustainability in mind and run ECM motors. The models available are the 22” Louvre and Sandella, and the 26” Islander.

One of the more notable things about these fans is the design. Fanmation has gone to great links to ensure that their models vary greatly aesthetically from their competitors’ products.

The Sandella has a light included and the Louvre and Islander can be upgraded with a light through an optional kit. All models come with a remote control and can be upgraded to a wall control with a separate kit.

If you are looking for a fan that is a little different from the rest, check out Fanimation at their website.

by Bry Ratliff – The Green Register

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