Greenovations: Enviroblind – Rolling Shutters

Most people shade their houses from the inside, and while this is better than nothing, it still contributes to the heating of the house and wastes loads of energy during the hot summer months.

What happens is that the sun comes through the window heating the glass surface and then continues on to blinds and heats them as well.

Then the space between the window and blind actually begins to function like the old radiator space heaters and has a constant circulation of warming air. This is the first and probably the “greenest” advantage to these shutters.

When the sun’s rays are blocked from the outside there is no way for them to get inside and add to an already high summer bill.

The second advantage is protection. These sturdy blinds are made of aluminum and make it significantly more difficult for break-ins to occur! They also provide protection from wind and debris as this material is many orders of magnitude more resilient to impact than the glass of your windows.

These blinds give you increased privacy and light control when deployed as well.

There are quite a few options when choosing these blinds so aesthetically they can be matched to almost any setting. Even more impressive than the wide array of styles are the usability options.

These can be set up with motors with a manual override in case of power outages. They can be controlled via remote controls, timers, and sensors giving you even more flexibility for home protection especially when you are out of town.

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by Bry Ratliff – The Green Register

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