Greenovations: Building Dashboard – Lucid Design Group Inc.

The Building Dashboard got its start as many of our favorite tech companies today, in school.

Students at Oberlin College in Ohio were looking for a way to compare the energy usage between several dormitories. What they created was the preliminary basis for what would become Building Dashboard.

Several of the key students from this project decided they had done good work that they felt was viable in the commercial market. So, these students finished the product and released it in the consumer market.

The product itself is a user friendly dashboard system for monitoring commercial and institutional buildings.

The building dashboard Kiosk is a touch-based display that shows energy and water usage in real time. All of the information is presented in an easy to understand and attractive manner. The results for buildings are also easy to compare over  The Building Dashboard Network allowing businesses to effectively benchmark their own building.

To date most of these systems have been installed at locations of higher education including the most extensive, a 50- building system at Elon. There are, however, several instances of this product in use in the commercial world.

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