Environmentally Agnostic – A video Column by Steve Richerson

Our good friend and Green Register columnist Steve Richerson has produced a new video/column titled “Environmentally Agnostic.” In this video Steve provides a multitude of reasons why sustainability works and is good for business.

“So the interesting thing for sustainability for business owners, you can be completely agnostic about the environment, you could care less. I would rather that you don’t. But, the truth is you can care less and it (sustainability) can still benefit you in very big ways.”

by Steve Richerson

Steve is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant. He utilizes his distinct presentation style to speak on the importance of sustainability and actionable guidelines to enact eco-friendly practices in business. As a member of the USGBC – U.S. Green Building Council, the National Recycling Coalition and the North American Environmental Education Association, Steve is spearheading the campaign to increase profits by reducing wasteful corporate procedures and promote environmentally sound business methods. To learn more about Steve’s speaking, please visit www.greenbizspeaker.com or call 256-710-7216 or email steve.richerson@gmail.com.

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