Conservation Doesn’t Have a Political Party – Audubon and ConservAmerica

The National Audubon Society and ConservAmerica have teamed up to bring together the voices and values of Americans from left to right and from coast to coast. Their goal: remind our elected officials that conservation has no political party.

Over 77,500 people have signed the American Eagle pledge that was “crafted” by the two organizations:

Here is the pledge:

We all live under the same sky, breathe the same air, drink the same water.

We believe protecting the wild is part of our responsibility to future generations.

We believe that common sense stewardship of America’s resources is
everyone’s responsibility.

We the undersigned pledge to work together to conserve our nation and our planet.

For our children’s children.

To sign-on to the American Eagle Pledge before election day, visit

by Pat Byington, Editor of The Green Register

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