City of Montevallo Commits to Eco-Friendly Practices and Saving Money

The City of Montevallo, Alabama has entered into an agreement with The Institute of Sustainability (TIOS), a green business certification platform built to further the City’s ongoing efforts to promote environmental awareness and preservation.

TIOS will assist all Montevallo City facilities to engage in an energy star benchmark provided by the U.S. Department of Energy identifying energy savings opportunities for the city. Additionally, all City of Montevallo suppliers and business license holders will have a free DOE energy benchmark report provided by TIOS.

The mission of TIOS is to help businesses adopt environmental practices that are sustainable as well as profitable and to educate their employees on personal sustainability measures. The organization achieves its mission by assisting businesses enrolled in the program with the implementation of sustainable business practices developed through more than a decade of implementation around the U.S.

“The City of Montevallo is committed to adopting, promoting and implementing environmentally responsible practices. Partnering with TIOS is a significant step forward. We are hopeful that the recommendations from their reports will assist us in reducing our carbon footprint as well as producing financial savings,” stated Hollie Cost, Montevallo’s mayor.

Known for embracing sustainability measures such as ValloCycle, a community bike share program, the City of Montevallo will work with TIOS consultants to improve sustainability measures in critical areas such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, water efficiency, pollution prevention, sustainable procurement and transportation. In addition, the City of Montevallo will share the benefits of sustainability with its vendors and suppliers to encourage them to become green certified as well.

“We are proud to be working with the City of Montevallo in taking a strong stand for sustainability here in Alabama. The best form of economic development is helping existing business improve profitability and create a stable opportunity for employees. This initiative will have lasting benefit for all of Montevallo’s business community,” said TIOS chairman, Douglas Moore.

For more information on The Institute of Sustainability (TIOS) and their certification program, visit or call 205-983-8028.

Photo Credit: Rivers Langley/WikiCommons

by Pat Byington, Editor of The Green Register

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